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Application Development

Eniac Systems Inc is dedicated to developing software applications that enable your business to be efficient and productive. An integral step in successful application development is to properly understand your mission, IT goals, and current technology. Whether it’s computer programming, documenting, testing or bug fixing, we incorporate industry-standard software development methods starting from the initial concept of an application to the final launch of the application.

We leverage our capabilities in systems architecture, design, development and integration to build and implement applications that meet the most critical needs of your business.

Custom Applications

Packaged Applications

We implement, upgrade, customize and maintain large-scale enterprise applications including enterprise resource planning, billing systems, enterprise content management, IT service management, customer relationship management, and business intelligence solutions from industry leaders including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and several leading independent software vendors.

We help clients generate measurable value from their investment large-scale enterprise systems by utilizing our extensive experience, functional knowledge, technical expertise and practical approach.